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Organic Walnut 1/2 without shell, dry
Features Quality - extra Color - extra white over 80% Size - half, butterfly - over 80% of packing Taste - saturated and thick, with no residual iodine aftertaste
Organic Walnut Chandler whole with shell, dry
Features Quality - extra, 100% dry, low porcelain marriage Color - extra white Size - whole with shell Taste - saturated and thick, with no residual iodine aftertaste
Organic almond nuts, shelled, dry
Features Quality - extra, 100% dry Color - amber Size - whole without shell Taste - saturated and thick

Good organic and organic food is very important

They are useful for your brain
Nuts have proven nutritional qualities for centuries. This is a super food used by emperors to completely restore the body

Nature protection
Биологичното земеделие не носи ползи само на човека, също така и на природата. Ние в нашата градина имаме една основна цел и тя е да сме в пълна хармония с майката земя. Не торим, Не пръскаме против вредители, Не използваме тежки химикали.

Improves the overall condition of the body
We provide not only organic products but also in-depth information about them. We will soon be able to provide you with interesting recipes on how to prepare your own medicines. We also plan in the future to do a small production of natural foods for homeopathic purposes.

Choose from our different types of cuts
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We currently only accept orders by phone or e-mail.You will also be able to take advantage of our online ordering platform soon.
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Organic products certified to all European standards.
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